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About our Company

Founded in 2006, Guerrero is a minority-owned, privately held, executive advancement company at the intersection of media, professional networks, and executive search with a specialization in the Latino professional marketplace and corporate DEI initiatives.

The Spirit of G

At Guerrero, we fight for what we care about. We are committed to the advancement of great executives and diversifying business leadership. We have built a multifaceted platform to drive meaningful inclusion in corporate America. Whether recognizing an unlikely leader, elevating young professionals, or recruiting diverse leadership talent – we ALWAYS put the G in it.

About Our Founder

Pedro A. Guerrero

In 2006, Pedro A. Guerrero launched the firm with two partners and a seed investor to create industry-focused magazines that highlighted professional achievements with special attention to graphic design and aesthetics. The thought was simple: to cut through swaths of unremarkable B2B industry noise with a signal of forward-thinking design. That differentiation has continued to inform the company as it has evolved from a publisher to the dynamic, media-driven executive advancement company it is today. This creative sensibility harks back to Pedro’s love of art and the creative training he received while earning his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Squad is everything

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Regardless of each person’s role, when you are a member of the G Team you are rooted in the same core principles and shared vision of success. We only win when we all win, so we think team-first and have each other’s backs.

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Pedro A. Guerrero


Vianni Lubus

Head of Audience and Engagement and VP, Hispanic Division

Kyle Evangelista

President and Group

Jaclyn Gaughan

Chief of Staff

David Martinez

VP, Finance

Frannie Sprouls

Editorial Director

Haylee Himel

Director, Talent Acquisition
& Engagement

Hannah Tanchon

Senior Director, Sales

Brooke Rigert

Senior Client Services Manager

Rebekah Pappas

Senior Client Services

Jill Ortiz

Director of Events

Krista Horbenko

Director, Strategic Partnerships

Cristina Merrill

Communications + Community Engagement Manager

Stacy Kraft

Circulation + Reprints Director

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