Fifteen Years of Recognizing, Promoting, and Connecting Executives

Feb 26, 2021 | Guerrero Blog

Guerrero Media started in 2006, aiming to do what no one else was doing: use our platforms to elevate the profiles of diverse leaders within the construction and real estate industry.

In the fifteen years since then, we have dramatically expanded our reach. Today, our five print publications highlight executives within the Hispanic community, executives working in the healthcare industry, the legal industry, and much, much more. Of course, we have also weathered many a storm over the years, including two economic recessions and a pandemic. And we’ve always come out on top.

To commemorate our anniversary, we asked fifteen employees to share some of the insights they’ve gained while working at Guerrero. From journalism residents to directors, here is what they had to say.

Ahmad Douzali – Content & Advertising Manager

In a little over six months at Guerrero, one lesson I’ve learned is to make the most of any situation. You can’t control the situation around you, for the most part, but one thing you can always control is the attitude you bring to the table and the effort you give. And I see this mindset helping me even outside of work—even in the worst situation you can possibly imagine, there is always something positive to be taken from it.

Kemp Pile – Content & Advertising Manager

Titles are deceptive. I have spoken to executives who held a “lower” title who were doing work that had a huge impact on their organizations, and I have spoken with “higher”-titled execs who were just coasting. I have also spoken to extremely humble executives working at the C-level and extremely arrogant assistant directors. Ultimately, the person makes the title and the role worthwhile, not the other way around.

Cristina Merrill – Communications Manager

How you present your brand online matters, so make sure to put your brand out there in a positive and professional way. That will attract like-minded individuals and inspire confidence in their decision to work with you.

Krista Horbenko Director of Strategic Partnerships

After all these years—almost fourteen, to be exact—the advice (from Pedro, of course) that I lean on the most is to just listen. Listen to what the person is getting excited about, listen to the ideas they throw out there on the first call, listen to what they’ve done before—what worked and what didn’t—and listen to what they value most. By doing this, I have been able to create strategic partnerships that speak directly to our partners. Clients have an idea of what they think they want; they just may not know how to get there.

Cheyenne Eiswald – Client Services Director

I previously worked for more of a traditional, corporate-type company, and Guerrero taught me early on how to be more adaptable and open to sharing my ideas. Being in a smaller, entrepreneurial environment gives me the ability to impact change and quickly see the results of those actions. Sometimes the changes work out, and other times they don’t. But either way, it’s very exciting to work in an atmosphere where I can be heard and empowered to try out new ways of doing things.

Most who know me understand that I naturally lean toward structure and routine, so it’s great to have the challenge of always remaining flexible as a path towards seeking out what the future holds for the business instead of staying in one place permanently.

Roman Magallanes – Content & Advertising Manager

One very important lesson that I have learned here at Guerrero Media is that a true community is not about being geographically close to someone but about our collective commitment—in this case, to recognize, promote, and connect executives. Even though I started my career here at Guerrero remotely, I still felt very welcomed and supported by everyone. I never felt alone, but instead felt the warmth of a strong community dedicated to helping me thrive as a professional.

Jacqui Bergman – Recruiting Coordinator

Although I’ve only been at Guerrero for a short period of time (almost four months), I’ve learned a handful of lessons that I plan to carry with me through my professional career and beyond. In my opinion, the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that you should never let your own fear get in the way of your success. Oftentimes, it’s easier to blend in with the crowd—the idea of putting yourself out there and making your name known can be daunting. During my time at Guerrero, I have received constant support from my teammates and various members of leadership, who have encouraged me to be fearless in immersing myself within the company and its culture.

Stacy Kraft – Circulations & Reprints Director

Learning to adapt to change rather than trying to change a person or group of people is a valuable lesson I’ve learned working at Guerrero. Every day, I work with people in different stages of their careers, from new employees to Fortune 500 executives. It’s really broadened my communication skill set.

KC Esper – Managing Editor

My role has taught me how to use content and design to make any subject or industry shine. I’ve learned how to look critically at how information is traditionally presented and break down those barriers to inject new perspectives and tones into anything I create. That’s a skill I can carry with me into any future project or position.

Cass Davis – Staff Photographer and Photo Editor

I’ve learned that communication is essential to any job, creative roles included, and that being flexible, patient, and willing to roll with change goes a long way.

David Martinez – VP of Finance

Sometimes you have to take a leap into the unknown and commit. That is one of my biggest takeaways from working at Guerrero, and something that I love about working here. It’s helped me learn much quicker and continually keep an open mind to new ideas. It’s been a fascinating and enriching journey so far!

Lindsey Lubowitz – Journalism Resident

At Guerrero, I have learned the power of my own voice. As a college student and temporary journalism resident, I did not know if my feedback would be helpful for the team. But the creative department made it clear that they wanted my input.

I have learned that you do not have to have years of experience or a spot in the C-suite to be heard, and I will carry this with me as I embark on the rest of my career.

Aliana Souder Content & Advertising Manager

Coming up on almost one year with Guerrero, I’ve done a lot of reflecting on what I’ve learned from this company, my role, and my team. One of my greatest takeaways is that in order to be successful, you must always be looking to grow and learn, from both yourself and others. The world in which we work is evolving, so we must adapt and evolve with it. Working for a company that is constantly looking to improve and move forward has been exciting and has allowed me to test my own capabilities.

Megan Apfelbach Associate Director of American Healthcare Leader

I learn from the executives I talk to every day. My wealth of knowledge is far greater because of it—I’ve become well versed in the ins and outs of every corporate function and now know every Fortune 200 company like the back of my hand. Beyond that, the people we talk to are incredibly inspiring and make me want to push myself harder in my own career.

Kevin Warwick – Creative Production Lead

Though Guerrero very often moves a mile a minute—with magazines being published, events being produced, and partnerships being planned consistently and constantly—I learned early on that it’s crucial to pause, take a breath, and appreciate the company’s incredible output. There will always be the next feature to write, the next piece of event collateral to design, but if you don’t stop to celebrate creative achievements, you risk playing down the value of those achievements because you’re too consumed by what’s next.

Here’s to the next fifteen years!