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For almost two decades, we have told the story of multicultural communities earning their place in the professional landscape. We have forged deep, long-standing relationships with influential audiences, established leaders, and upcoming talent. Clients plug into our ecosystem in a curated and meaningful way, tapping into our five high-reach content brands, our high-touch executive networks, and our white-glove talent solutions. Our connections power growth, innovation, and impact for our partners.

  Partner in our storytelling, support our culture-driven professional networks, and access diverse talent to amplify your business for today’s marketplace.

Accessing Cultural Impact


We’re your way in.

We’re at the intersection of culture and commerce, connecting brands through dynamic storytelling, culture-driven professional networks, and diverse talent solutions.

From consumer spend and trends to market strategy and product development, multicultural is impacting all facets of business. The buying power is here, and so are the cultural drivers and skill sets. Brands that participate authentically and consistently across business areas are winning big today and stand to win bigger tomorrow.

Is your business ready for this shifting landscape?

Guerrero Platform


Open the door to diverse audience reach, business leaders, and talent pools with Guerrero’s all-in-one enterprise platform.



Guerrero can plug your brand into audience reach, leadership influence, and new sources of qualified talent—all through one platform. Our client partners move seamlessly through our three-part system by accessing media, executive networks, and talent opportunities. We build meaningful relationships among our brand partners, our readers, and the diverse executives whose achievements we shine a light on.

Multimedia, Multicultural, and Multifaceted

We built our reputation on our five media brands, over nearly twenty years.  We are expert storytellers across a diversity of media channels and business categories. Our brands offer access to a mix of culture-specific, industry-specific, and broad-based themes, with the stories of unique professional profiles at the core. 

Each of our media brands’ audiences is also diverse, reflecting a wide range of leadership roles and spheres of influence. Our writers, editors, and creative teams take great care to present our profile stories and brand integrations beautifully, across a diversity of media types. Throughout the year, our brands also come to life through impactful events and programs.

Partner with Guerrero Media brands to power up your presence in our communities. Champion your people and your progress, while engaging new eyes and ears.

Over 20 years, we have built a wealth of genuine relationships based on mutual respect. With that trust and the support of our partners, we have established influential culture-based networks that empower executive leaders and emerging talent through advancement-oriented programming and events. Our Media brands also serve as a source of curated community building, as we segment groups to highlight and engage with for special programs, such as Modern Counsel’s annual 35 Under 35 and Hispanic Executive’s Latinos in Sports.

Network sponsors include several Fortune 500 brands, working with our executive leadership community, The Alumni Society, to drive shared impact. We also partner with over nineteen of the nation’s top universities— including Harvard, Yale, and Stanford—and source members for our young professional network, NextGen Collective. The communities we have built feature the best and brightest that today has to offer, across all career levels.


Connect with the Best Talent Fit

Find, attract, and retain talent with Guerrero Search.

We help brands gain access to new pools of qualified talent and build inclusive work environments, fostering long-term success and attracting further outside talent. Through our Executive Search, Market Research, and Talent Pipelining services, we hypercharge clients’ approach to talent acquisition.

Connect with Guerrero Search to diversify your recruitment, your workplace, and your output for relevance in today’s shifting business landscape.




Partners and collaborators in our success

Our partners know that diversity in business leadership is not only a social imperative, but that it’s also good business. Through our platform, they have learned the value of being present, building relationships, and incorporating diverse executive talent. Clients also tap into our networks and audiences for curated business development opportunities.

Join brands that are working successfully with Guerrero to create cultural business impact.




Your one-stop connection to Cultural Business Impact

  • 18+ years of storytelling excellence in professional media
  • A network of thousands of diverse professional profiles
  • An influential leadership network
  • An engaged young professionals network
  • 20+ partner universities
  • Fortune 500 partners, sponsors, and clients
  • High-impact events and programs
  • Cross-industry, cross-cultural



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