Guerrero Media and Heartland Alliance Partner for Immigrant Narratives Project

Dec 6, 2021 | Guerrero Blog

Two mission-driven, Chicago-based organizations are uniting for a common cause. Guerrero Media and Heartland Alliance have teamed up for the Immigrant Narratives Project, a partnership that aims to tell and elevate stories rarely covered in mainstream media.

Through those Immigrant Narratives, both organizations work together to share stories on a wider platform so that immigrants can receive limelight they’re too often denied. The series will spotlight refugees, asylum seekers, and other immigrants who came to the United States to effect change for themselves and their families.

Guerrero Media is a publishing company devoted to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workforce. One of its flagship publications, Hispanic Executive, focuses exclusively on Latino executives and their stories. Heartland Alliance is a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization that works to alleviate poverty, especially for immigrants, by providing services and promoting solutions to achieve a more just global society.

“As a minority-owned business, Guerrero Media believes in the power of storytelling to elevate traditionally marginalized and underrepresented voices,” says Guerrero Media Vice President of Creative Production Kevin Warwick. “We’re thrilled to partner with Heartland Alliance, a like-minded organization and principled nonprofit that has produced tangible results for thousands of immigrants.”


Guerrero Media works with executives, entrepreneurs, and aspiring business leaders to harness the power of their stories to ignite change in their organizations. Their portfolio of brands includes American Builders Quarterly, American Healthcare Leader, Hispanic Executive, Modern Counsel, and Profile. Guerrero Media is also the organization behind The Alumni Society, a networking organization for Latinos who attended the nation’s top universities, and NextGen Collective, a networking platform for mid-level Latinx professionals. Learn more at


Heartland Alliance works to advance human rights and champion human dignity by providing services and promoting solutions to achieve a more just global society. Society benefits when all people can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential. We will not give up until everyone is able to exit poverty, heal from trauma, and achieve stability.

Heartland Alliance is comprised of five entities: Heartland Alliance, Heartland Alliance Health, Heartland Alliance International, Heartland Housing, and Heartland Human Care Services. With its shared mission, it provides a continuum of programs that addresses the root causes of poverty, generates social change, and inspires people to build better lives not only for themselves but for their communities.

Its approach is multifaceted and intentional and intersects through three focus areas: health and healing, safety and justice, and economic opportunity.

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